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High-Efficiency Condensing Boilers

Condensing boilers and water heaters operate at the highest efficiency. Any gas fired appliance rated above 85% efficiency will transfer heat so efficiently the flue gas will be cool enough to fall below the dew point and the gas will “condense” back into a liquid. This condensation picks up the products of combustion which is very acidic. Therefore the boilers required material of construction must be robust enough to handle and operate in this environment. Hydrotemp offers several solutions to your design needs.

Non-Condensing Boilers

Standard Efficiency rated boilers operate at 85% efficiency and below. While the boilers are more economical than Condensing equipment, they are built to last! Typically Copper or Cupro-nickel tubes are used as the primary heat exchanger for high heat transfer in a small heating surface area.

Electric Water Heaters

Electric water heaters are 100% efficient and do not require a gas riser or exhaust flue. They are usually small footprint in design and can be stage for a modulation type firing pattern. The application can be low & high capacity tank-type water heaters to instantaneous & special-purpose water heaters. Hydrotemp has you covered for any application of electric water heater you need.

Indirect Fired Water Heaters

Any water heater that uses a separate source of energy than its own is “indirect”. Many times a steam plant or hydronic boiler will provide the energy, and you need to convert that energy to for a hot water application. Whether it’s a domestic hot water load or kitchen wash-down, Hydrotemp has the solution with a wide offering including vertical & horizontal configurations.

Storage Tanks

Storage tanks are very common and often required on domestic hot water designs. Sizes can certainly vary, but so can material of construction, vertical or horizontal orientation and tank lining preference. Hydrotemp has access to a vast selection of storage tank manufacturers to find the perfectly matched tank for your application.

Expansion Tanks

Virtually every closed water loop or domestic water loop application is exposed to natural thermal expansion. If there is nowhere for the expansion to go, it causes stress on your plumbing fixtures and system. Solve the problem by including a properly sized expansion tank to absorb that stress and save your system year after year.


Pumps are the engine that makes all hydronics systems flow. Hydrotemp represents all makes & models of Plumbing & HVAC pump manufacturers. From small, wet rotor circulators to large industrial horizontal split-case pumps we have what you need. Pumps make up 22% of the world’s total electrical power consumption. We have the privilege to represent the leaders in high efficiency pump design!

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

Many applications require hot water converters built in the efficient form of shell & tube heat exchangers. We have a large range of sizes available with the best lead times in the industry.

Tempering Valves

Today’s hot water designs require complicated multi-temp system design. Hydrotemp has the best electronic tempering valve in the market. It’s accuracy and functionality is second to none and the price point is the lowest in this market segment.

HVAC Controls

Whether it is sequencing multiple boilers or lead/lag control for pumps, we have you covered with a wide variety of options and features.

Exhaust Vent Flue Products

Exhaust vent stack for boilers, water heaters, generators, and grease duct applications are needed in every building. We have the products you need to design an efficient, effective engineered stack system for Category 1,2,3, or 4 material requirements.

Booster Systems

With the ever-increasing price of land, building designs are trending more vertical. City supply water pressure at street level averages 60psi in North Texas. Therefore, any building four stories or taller needs a domestic booster system to provide adequate pressure on the top floors for proper fixture operation. Hydrotemp excels in designing the most efficient booster systems with the highest warranties offered in the industry.

Air & Dirt Separators/Air Eliminators

The removal of air and particulate matter in closed loop systems can be tricky and certainly will cause system problems if left unresolved. A properly sized air/dirt separator solves the issue and keeps your HVAC system operating as intended.

Water Softeners/Scale Defenders

Water treatment is becoming the new frontier in plumbing & HVAC system design. The quality of water we put through our equipment has a direct impact on the life cycle of that equipment. Water hardness is a frequent cause of service issues. A properly sized water softener system will remove calcium with sodium through “ion exchange”. Scale Defenders use polyphosphate beads to “coat” hardness to keep it from sticking to heating/cooling medium. Both systems are effective ways to combat scale.

Fuel Systems

Any critical component of a building's operation requires redundant measures. Fuel Oil is a common second energy option for boilers and generators found on applications such as hospitals, schools and airports. Hydrotemp provides systems designed to deliver fuel oil to the critical appliance on any application.